Youth Missions

Israel 2010

  Where to start?  After meeting up  with the rest of my group at Global Expeditions headquarters, we went right to work.  There were sessions on learning more about the Muslim and Jewish faiths, as these were the main religions we were going to encounter on the trip.  We were given specifics on where we would be staying while in-country. Our group was divided into two teams.  Each team was then assigned to ministry groups of four to five students.  Each ministry group had an MA (missionary adviser) that was responsible for daily bible studies, among other things.  We spent the next day and a half getting acquainted and prepared for ministry.

  Once in-country, the two teams went separate ways most days.  We stayed in the old city of Jerusalem.  Some days we delivered food boxes, other days we assisted a local church with planning youth activities.  We also held a soccer camp/English class for young people in a Bedouin settlement. We engaged in "Tourism With a Purpose",  the idea that as we encountered the local population, we were there to engage them in conversation about their faith.  We spent a lot of time prayer walking the city, also.

  Communication home was sparse.  We called, of course, when we arrived.  We also made a couple more phone calls home during the trip.  There was no way for family to call us, or for us to access the internet, normally.  This allowed us to keep the focus on ministry, which is why we were there.   We had a day or two that we got to actually be a tourist, and explore. During that time, we explored many places from the Bible. For example, we walked through Hezekiahs tunnel, saw the Western Wall, and Dome of the Rock, Walked up the Mount of Olives, and even the Garden Tomb. Our team experienced all these sites and even more during our time in the middle east.