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At Global Expeditions, our simple but powerful vision is to train and equip teens to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our dying world. Since 1987, Global Expeditions has safely taken 60,287 teens to more then 50 countries across the globe, leading 1,281,460 people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Ron Luce,

President and Founder

Teen Mania Ministries


Our family's personal experience

The summer of 2010 marks our fourth year of joining with Teen Mania and Global Expeditions in ministry.  This all started the summer of 2007, when Stephanie spent one month in Peru.  Her ministry team spent half the time in Lima, doing street ministry and personal evangelism.  The remainder of the time was spent in Huanaco, at a mission hospital.  Families walked in and stayed until they were seen by the doctors and dentists.  During the waiting time, the team ministered to the families.  VBS (Vacation Bible School) was held for all the children there. They also worked behind the scenes doing whatever was necessary to expedite the medical care.

The summer of  2008 found the kids going in two different directions.  Stephanie spent two months on the mission field, going to both New Zealand and Australia.  They were welcomed into the schools for skits and presentations, very different than home! They also did street ministry/skits, and visited malls and skate parks doing peer ministry.   They also were blessed to join with the Hillsong Church in Sydney in their many local ministries.  They happened to be in Sydney during the Pope's visit for World Youth Day, so there were many visitors in town, also.

The summer of 2008 found Caleb in Panama.  He spend a month there,  centered in Panama City.  They spent part of this time on the San Blas Islands, conducting VBS and various service projects.  They also ministered in the Darien Jungle, doing hut to hut ministry and more VBS.

The summer of 2009 Caleb and his team traveled to eastern Europe for a month.  They ministered in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.  Stephanie's trip to Azerbaijan and Beyond (a second country in the region) was changed at the last minute because of unrest in the area.  This Alumni-only Team traveled to Jordan instead for three weeks.

The summers of 2010 and 2011 Caleb traveled to Israel and Jordan.  The teams ministered to refugees in camps in Israel, and aided a local Christian church in Amman.  Stephanie went to Baja, Mexico the summer of 2011.  The teams  erected four homes for local families, and held VBS.

 Our family obviously trusts and believes in Global Expeditions, and their goals.  The people that make up this ministry have helped to grow our children's vision. If you have any questions about them, or our experiences, please feel free to contact us.